For years and years, I’m posting about Home Office changes and updates. It’s no secret, that I love to re-arrange the furnitures inside our Home Office. We went through different rooms in our house - until two years ago, when our son was born. Switching rooms is no longer possible (luckily) and we had not found time to re-arrange the furnitures in the last two years, too.

On Friday, I simply had the idea to re-arrange my two desks (and rotate the shape of the “L”). Saturday morning, right after breakfast, I grabbed pencil and paper and started to draw. The ideas were good, but the first idea would not fit, as the couch is wider than expected, so my wife, our son and I went up into our “Attic Home Office” and I started measuring and sketching. In the end, we had some pretty good ideas and started moving stuff. Great to have a little helper, who has successfully removed the sticker from the green carpet ;)

We moved and re-arranged until 7pm, but were mainly done. Today, I brought stuff down to the basement which is no longer needed upstairs and my wife cleaned the floor. Once this was done, I took my camera, the tripod and my remote controller to take some photos. Here they are.

My desk My desk, simplified to a single 27” DELL screen. I’m currently fighting with Ubuntu 15.04… Not that happy I am at the moment with that OS.

My desk, another angle Another angle.

Front view This time, the cabling is pretty good - hopefully, the CABLOX replacements, the company has send me (the bought ones fell off), will stay in place this time).

Look on my desk No Home Office post without an oppai handresting mouse pad!

Freifunk Router One of my two Freifunk access points. The other one is in the shelter.

Expedit with figures and Manga calendar The rack (EXPEDIT) next to my desk shows off two of my favorite figures. On the Asus laptop, I currently run Ubuntu MATE, which also fights with me (since the latest Kernel update, I have to select an older Kernel version, because of the full disk encryption - the new one simply hang up… don’t ask me if I regret selling my MacBook Air.. don’t ask! :S

Sojas Desk 1 My wife now has the two Galant desks I was using before. She works 2-3 days per week in the Home Office and could really need the additional space - as you can see ;)

Sojas Desk 2, another angle Yep, the clocks are simply on the wrong site to be useful.

The playing area One of the main reasons for this little project was to have a nicer place for our son, when he’s upstairs and my wife has still to work. This area has this nice carpet where he can play or can even sleep on the couch.

Whisky box Not that I drink alcohol (I don’t), but this box is great to store stuff inside - even though, I mainly bought it for photo shootings and I had already used it for those photos.

PS. All photos are uploaded in 2000 pixel width, you can simply right-click “show in new tab” them, if you want to take a closer look.